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Visitor Oyster Card Weekly

Choose the Visitor Oyster Card that best suits your needs here for easy and convenient travel on the metro, bus and train.

Depending on the days you need, you will find the ideal Oyster Card denomination for your travels.

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  • Oyster Card 40+5 £ Weekly €55,60
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Visitor Oyster Card Weekly

The Oyster Card is the rechargeable card for transport in London:
underground, buses, trains, DLR and trams. It has no expiry date. It is valid in all areas. You can also use it on trains between Gatwick Airport and the city centre. Each journey you make you are charged the amount due, but at a much discount compared to normal tickets.
An anti-static case, to protect the cards, is included in the displayed prices (€ 0.90).
Click on the tab 'How an Oyster card works' to find out more.


  • Travel by metro, bus and train
  • Indispensable. The cost of a single ticket starts at £4.90!
  • Saves time, avoids buying individual tickets each time and long queues
  • Big savings compared to buying ordinary tickets
  • Rechargeable
  • You arrive in London with your Oyster Card in your pocket, ready to be used

How it works

You will receive, directly at the address you indicated as 'shipping address', everything you ordered in original. The Oyster Cards will be the final ones, to be used on the spot without further formalities!

Prices for children and young people

0 to 4 years old: travel free of charge, no ticket required.
5 to 10 years old: travel free, if accompanied by an adult (max. 4 children per adult) no ticket required.
11 to 15 years old: OysterCard cannot handle child fares, we recommend purchasing a 7-day child Travelcard which is less expensive.
From 16 years and older: normal adult fare.


The Oyster Card is ready to use. No photo or ID card is needed.

How to use

The Oyster Card must be 'swiped' on the yellow readers to access the metro and trains. This must also be repeated on the way out, so keep it handy at all times. For buses, you have to get on the front and 'swipe' it on the yellow card reader. Be very careful when you bring your Oyster near the readers when entering the metro. NEVER swipe twice at the entrance. If you have any doubts: the gate won't open, you can't get through in time or anything else, contact the station staff, who are always present at the turnstiles, IMMEDIATELY; they will be happy to help you and you will avoid incorrect charges.


No expiry date.

More Information

How an Oyster card works

The Oyster card allows travel on buses, underground, trains (including services from Gatwick Airport) and Docklands Light Railway.

Validity and duration

The Oyster card is a pay-as-you-go card, has no expiry date and is not nominative. You can purchase it with a pre-loaded credit of between £15 and £40, plus £5 issue/deposit.

Using the credit

London, for public transport purposes, is divided into 6 concentric zones. Zones 1 and 2 roughly correspond to the urban area, while zones 3 to 6 could be called 'Greater London'. A gigantic area that comes to include London City (zone 3) and London Heathrow (zone 6) airports.
When you travel, the Oyster 'sees' the route you have covered and scales the amount. The very important thing to keep in mind is that if you make several trips during the day, the Oyster will scale your trips up to a set amount. This depends on the areas you have touched. Once this amount is reached, Oyster will no longer charge you for the trips, which will then be free and unlimited.
Let's take a closer look at these costs and how they are modulated according to the zones of use:

Let's take a practical example: you have purchased a £25 Oyster Visitor card (+ the usual £5 issuing fee).
You start with your first trip on a weekday morning, before 9.30am (Peak) and stay within zones 1 and 2.
The Oyster will charge you £3.20, then make another trip, after 9.30am (off-Peak) it will charge you £2.60. Total £5.80. Then make another trip, you will only be charged £1.90 because you will have reached the "Maximum Daily Charge" which for zones 1 and 2 is £7.70 (see table).
All subsequent trips made on the same day will be free of charge!
Off-peak fares are valid on weekdays before 06:30, between 09:30 and 15:59, and after 19:00, plus all weekends and bank holidays.
So if you stay within zones 1 and 2, using the 'Maximum Daily Charge' £7.20 per day, you can travel freely and completely unlimited for 3 days!
You can withdraw your remaining credit (up to a maximum of £10) 'cash' by simply bringing your Oyster card to the yellow reader of the self-service machines in all underground stations. Enter the 'Oyster refund' button. The Oyster will be cancelled and the machine will dispense the credit in cash.

How to use the Oyster Visitor card
Every time you need to take a metro, train or bus, you have to 'swipe' your Oyster on the yellow readers. Here's what the readers look like, for subways and trains and for buses:


Only for subways and trains must you repeat the operation on the way out. For buses, after 'swiping' the Oyster on the way up, you can get off freely, wherever you want. There is no need to swipe the Oyster when getting off.

When you swipe the Card in the yellow reader, an acoustic signal will notify you that you have successfully checked in and your available credit will appear. NEVER swipe twice on entry. If you have any doubts: the gate won't open, you can't get through in time or anything else, contact the station staff, who are always present at the turnstiles, IMMEDIATELY; they will gladly help you and you will avoid incorrect and expensive charges!

Cancellations and refunds

Once issued, Oyster Cards are non-refundable. Please note that they do not expire and can be used at any time.

see London Pass

London Pass: see more and spend less

How an Oyster Card Works

La Oyster card consente di viaggiare su bus, metro, treni (inclusi i collegamenti da Gatwick Airport) e Docklands Light Railway.

Validità e durata

La Oyster è una tessera a scalare, non ha una scadenza e non è nominativa. Puoi acquistarla con un credito precaricato da 15 a 40 £, più 5£ di emissione/deposito.

Utilizzo del credito

Londra, ai fini del trasporto pubblico, è divisa in 6 zone concentriche. Le zone 1 e 2 corrispondono, grosso modo, all'area urbana, mentre le zone dalla 3 alla 6, potremmo definirle "la Grande Londra". Un'area gigantesca che arriva ad includere gli aeroporti di London City (zona 3) e London Heathrow (zona 6).

Quando viaggi la Oyster "vede" il tragitto che hai coperto e ti scala il relativo importo. La cosa molto importante da tenere presente e che, se fai più viaggi nell'arco della giornata, la Oyster scaricherà i tuoi viaggi fino ad arrivare ad un importo prefissato. Questo dipende dalle zone che hai toccato. Raggiunto questo importo la Oyster non ti addebiterà più i viaggi, che quindi saranno gratuiti e illimitati.

Vediamo in concreto questi costi e come si modulano in base alle zone di utilizzo:

Facciamo un esempio pratico: hai acquistato una Oyster Visitor card da 25£ (+ le solite 5£ di emissione).

Inizi con il primo viaggio al mattino di un giorno feriale, prima delle ore 9.30 (Peak) e rimani sempre all'interno delle zone 1 e 2.
La Oyster ti scalerà 2.90£, poi fai un altro viaggio, dopo le ore 9.30 (off-Peak) ti scalerà 2.40£. Totale 5.30£. Poi fai un altro viaggio, ti verranno scalate solo 1.90£ perchè sarai arrivato al "Massimo addebito giornaliero" che per le zone 1 e 2 è di 7.20£ (vedi tabella).
Tutti i viaggi compiuti successivamente nella stessa giornata saranno gratuiti!

Le tariffe off-peak sono valide nei giorni feriali prima delle 06:30, tra le 09:30 e le 15:59, e dopo le 19:00, oltre a tutti i weekend e ai bank holidays (le feste nazionali).
Quindi se rimani all'interno delle zone 1 e 2, usufruendo del "Massimo addebito giornaliero" 7.20£ al giorno, potrai viaggiare liberamente e in maniera completamente illimitata per 3 giorni!

Puoi ritirare "cash" il credito residuo (fino ad massimo di 10£)  semplicemente avvicinando la Oyster card al lettore giallo delle macchine self-service, presenti in tutte le stazioni della metropolitana. Digita il pulsante "Oyster refund". La Oyster verrà annullata e la macchina erogherà il credito in contanti.

Come si utilizza la Oyster Visitor card

Ogni volta che devi prendere una metropolitana, un treno o un bus, devi "strisciare" la tua Oyster sugli appositi lettori gialli. Ecco come sono i lettori, per metro e treni e per i bus:

Solo per metro e treni deve ripetere l'operazione anche in uscita. Per gli autobus, dopo aver "strisciato" la Oyster in salita, potrai scendere liberamente, dove vuoi. Non serve strisciare la Oyster quando devi scendere.

Quando avvicini la Card al lettore giallo, un segnale acustico ti avvisa che il check-in è riuscito e appare la cifra relativa al tuo credito disponibile. Non ripetere MAI 2 volte la strisciatura in ingresso. Se hai dei dubbi: non si apre il cancelletto, non riesci a passare in tempo o altro, rivolgiti SUBITO al personale di stazione, sempre presente ai tornelli, ti aiuteranno volentieri ed eviterai addebiti errati e costosissimi!

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