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Visitor Oyster Card

The rechargeable card for the London's public transport system.
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  • 15+5 £ credit €25,70
  • 20+5 £ credit €31,40
  • 25+5 £ credit €37,50
  • 30+5 £ credit €43,60
  • 35+5 £ credit €49,80
  • 40+5 £ credit €55,60
  • Add cards protection wallet €0,60
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Visitor Oyster Card

The Visitor Oyster card is the rechargeable card for London's public transports. It doesn't expire and it's valid in all areas. With every trip you make the amount due is deducted, but it is more reduced than the price of the individual tickets. Click on "How to use the Visitor Oyster card" to learn more.


  • You save time avoiding to buy the idividual tickets every single time.
  • No queuing at stations.
  • You don't take the risk to buy at a wrong fare or a wrong ticket.
  • You save a lot in comparison to the individual tickets' fare.
  • Your card is ready to go as soon as you arrive in London.

You will receive what you have ordered, in original ersion, directly at the address you wrote. The Oysters you'll receive are the original ones, you can use them immediately. 

Children and teens fares

0-4 years old: they travel foir free, no tickets needed.
5-10 years old: they travel for free if the're accompanied by an adult (up to 4 children per adult), no tickets needed.
11-15 years old: Oystercard can't manage teens fares, we suggest you to buy a 7 days travelcard, which is cheaper.
>16 years old: adult fare.. 


The Oystercard is ready to use. Youy don't need ID photos.

How to use it

On Tube/ TFL rail/ National rail service: touch your Visitor Oyster card flat on a yellow card reader when you enter a station to start the journey. At the end of your journey, touch your card flat on the yellow card reader as you leave the station; this means you'll be charged the correct fare for the journey you've taken. Don't touch the reader twice when you get in. If you have any doubts: the gate doesn't open, you don't get in in time, please call the service staff, always near the turnstiles.
On the bus: Only touch your Visitor Oyster card on the yellow card reader at the start of your journey. Don't touch out when you get off a bus or tram, or you will be issued with a penalty fare.

Validity period

It doesn't expire.

London Pass: see more, spend less!

London Pass
How the Visitor Oyster card works
The Visitor Oyster card let you travel on buses, subway, trains and Dockland Light Railway.

How it works?

Validity period

The Oyster is a scalar card, it doesn't expire and it's not nominative. You can buy it with a pre-loaded credit from £15 to 40£, plus 5£  issue. 

Everytime you take a public transport, the Card automatically remove the journey price, which is discounted if compared with the single ticket's fare. If you travel, the credit will be deducted, if you don't travel it will remain the same. The Oyster doesn't expire but it's credit will be deducted little by little when you use it. When the credit ends, you need to recharge it.

Credit use

London is divided by zones that are base for the rail service fares (includes underground & tram), these zones are concentric rings. The zones 1-2 cover the urban area, while the zones 3-6 correspond to the "Big London" and they include the London City Airport (zone 3) and Heathrow Airport (zone 6).

When you travel, the Oyster "knows" the journey you have made and it deducts you the relative amount. The most important thing is that Visitor Oyster card offers daily capping. This means you can travel as much as you like in a single day and the amount you pay for your travel is limited (or capped). The prices for daily capping are different from zone to zone. If you reach the capped  amount, the next journeys are free and unlimited.

Let's see prices and how they change zone by zone:

Let's do an example: you have bought an Oyster charged with £25 (+ £5 emission costs). You take the public transports for the first time in a weekday morning, before 9.30 (peak) and you remain within 1-2 zones, the Oyster deducts you £ 2,90. Than you take another journey, after 9.30 (of-peak), it will deduct you £2.40. Tot £ 5,30. If you take another journey, it will deduct you only £1,50 because you will have reached the maximum daily charge, which is £6.80 for the 1-2 zones. The next journey you will take in that day will be free and unlimited.

So if you stay within 1-2 zone, taking advantage of the £ 6,80 daily cap, you can travel freely and in an unlimited way for 3 days.

you can get refund of the remaining credit (maximum £ 10) from a tube station machine, placing the card close to the reader and pushing the "Oyster refund" button. The card will be nullify and the machine will give you back cash credit.

How to use the Visitor Oyster card

Everytime you have to take the tube, the train or a bus, you have to "tap" you Oyster on the yellow readers. That's how they are made:

On tubes and train you have to tap the card again when you exit, so keep it at hand. On the buses you need to tep the card only when you get on, not when you get off.

When you tap the card on the reader, an acoustic sound warns you of the successful check-in and your credit appears on the display. Never tap twice.  If you have any doubts (the gate does not open, you can't pass in time) immediately contact the subway staff, who's always at the turnstiles, they'll be happy to help you and you will avoid additional charges.

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