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E-Voucher, E-Ticket & paper pass

What is an E-Voucher and how to use it

An E-Voucher  is an electronic product, sent by email. 

The E-Voucher is not the final product: it is mandatory to print it, and to bring it during your journey and present it at the "exchange points" listed on the product page. Presenting the voucher at one of the exchange points you will be given the final pass, ready to be used. 

Receive it in 2 business days or immediately, depending on what is written on the product's page

What is en E-Ticket and how to use it

An E-Ticket  is an electronic product, sent by email.

The E-Ticket is definitive and ready to be used. Print it and bring it with you. Show it at the attractions entrance.  

What is a paper pass and how to use it

This category of pass is composed by physical cards, ready to be used. They can be: 

These products are easily identifiable thanks to the Express Courier symbol  .

You receive these passes at home, or at the shipping address you prefer, with express courier shipping and well in advance of your departure.

These passes are ready to use.

  • To use attractions/museums pass: show it at the entrance to gain your free admission.
  • To use the public transport pass: swipe it/insert it on the reader.

Shipping and express couriers

When will I receive the products deliveried by express couriers?

We try to send all the orders as soon as possible..

Is the status of your order is“"accepted payment”, we have taken it in charge regularly but we haven't sent it yet. 

Our commitment is to satisfy every request that reaches us, for this reason we have to stagger shipments based on your departure date. 

  • If your departure is close, your order will be immediately processed and you will receive it within 10 business days.
  • If your departure is not close, your order will be processed after the urgent ones, but always well in advantage of your departure.

You will be notified by email of the shipment.

Why I haven't received my pack yet?

If you haven't received your pack yet, it is likely that we processed it regularly but we haven't set the shipment yet because your departure is not close.
You can check your order status in your account area:

  • If your order is under the "payment accepted" status has been regularly processed but wh haven't sent it yet.
  • If your order is in preparation: your pack is ready to be sent, we're waiting the courier. In the afternoon you receive the tracking number to monitorate you shipping. 
  • If your order is sent: you can check the shipment status using the tracking number we sent you via email. If you have difficulties to monitorate the shipment please contact us: 

How can I track the shipment?

Tracking your shipping is easy: 

As soon as the express courier has taken charge of your order, you'll receive an email containing the national carrier name and the website to track your shipping. 

Copy the tracking number to know your order's shipping status.

When will I receive my E-Voucher/E-Ticket?

You will receive some products immediately, as soon as you complete your oder. 
Other products require 2 business days to be received.
You will find the delivery time information in the product sheet. 

What is the price for an international shipping?

We sent the E-Voucher and E-Ticket for free.

Physical products have prices that vary from country to country. 

You can check the shipment cost in your cart.

Oyster Card e Travelcard

What is the Visitor Oyster Card and how does it work?

What is the Visitor Oyster Card?

The Visitor Oyster Card is a card for the London public transport: you can use it on the Tube, on the buses, on the DLR and on the trains. It looks like a plastic card with the size of a credit card; it is a rechargeable card. 

How does it work?

We sell the Visitor Oyster Card   with a pre-loaded credit. When you swipe the card on the turnstiles of the subway/buses the amount relating to that ride is automatically deducted.  [example: if you travel within the 1-2 zones during the off-peak hours, £2.40 is deducted for each ride]. The Visitor Oyster continue to deduct the amount of the rides until it reaches the daily price cap, i.e. the daily maximum amount that can be deducted, you can then travel for free without further deductions.

How to use it?

You need to swipe the card on the subway/train station's turnstiles. This operation has to be done in both in entrance and at the exit. On the buses it is sufficient to swipe the card only when you board the bus, on the yellow magnetic reader located in the front. Don't wsipe the Oyster twice, this operation could double up the deducted amount. If the card has malfunctions, please contact the service personnel.

What is the Travelcard and how does it work?

What is the Travelcard?

The Travelcard is a daily or weekly pass you can use on London public transport. Valid on the sybway, buses, DLR light railway, London Overground trains, public ferries and National rail trains. It looks like a paper card, showing the first date of use and the expiring date on the back. 

How to use it?

Choose the zones of use (1-2, 1-3, 1-6). Depending on the chosen areas, the price changes.
Insert the card the readers when entering and exiting.

Child Travelcard

The Travelcard has a reduced fare for children 11-15. Children under 11 y.o. travel for free but they need to be accompanied by an adult.

Oyster Card vs Travelcard: the main differences

  • Oyster card is a plastic card to swipe on the turnstile readers; the Travelcard is a paper card and it has to be inserted in the stamping machine. 
  • Oyster Card doesn't offer a reduced fare for children: if you travel with children 11-15 years old Travelcard is always the best way to save money.

Can I get London city center from the airport with Oyster Card and Travelcard?

  • LONDON CITY AIRPORT: located in zone 3. You can use a Travelcard 1-3 zones or an Oystercard to reach the city center. With Oyster Card the price for a single off-peak ride is 2.80£, for a peak ride is 3.30£. The daily price cap is £8.20.
  • HEATROW AIRPORT: located in zone 6. You can use a Travelcard 1-6 zones or an Oystercard to reach the city center. The daily cap price is 12.80£ 

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